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At Rear Of:

Wyevale Garden Centre
A259 Bognor Road
Merston, Nr Chichester
West Sussex
PO20 1EG

Phone: 01243 528882

Opening Hours

Monday To Saturday: 9am - 5:30pm
Sunday: 10:30am - 4:30pm

Christmas Day, Boxing Day,
New Year’s Day and
Easter Sunday



Woke up freezing this morning. Remembered it was February. Not surprising then. Tried to think of good reason to get up. Then it came to me. The tents were coming in! The ones I picked out last August as the best quality, value for money, stunning good looks (like myself) and technical specifications (unlike myself).
I leapt out of bed, fell over my own foot, got ready for work, and arrived at the shop brimming over with vim and vigour. Chris and I got a number of tents put up today. I probably lost some weight. I needed to. We’ll get them all up over the next few days, and then we can start sharing our enthusiasm with our customers.


Where are all the customers? My tents are up but there’s no-one to be seen. Could it be that it’s way too early in the year, and too cold for anyone to be thinking about camping? Surely it’s never too early to think about camping! They all know their tent’s seen better days, is now too big/too small, or they set fire to it after that festival last year. I know they’ll be in eventually, but I’m really bored with only talking to Chris, Adam and Val. Thank goodness for our Calor gas customers and those that are looking for bargain winter clothing as it’s still a bit chilly.


Well that’s Easter done. Had to spend that Sunday at home because I wasn’t allowed to open the shop. Grrrr. Didn’t get an egg. For Shirley. Didn’t get an egg from Shirley either. Sold some lovely inflatable awnings over the Easter holidays to motorhome owners. Having a great time at work now that the season has really kicked off and the customers are pouring in. They seem to really like this year’s tents and accessories.


That was some month! Really busy because of the bank holidays. It was strange though; there was one Saturday when the shop was really quiet. A couple of people came in and said something about everyone watching a wedding and a football match. I don’t know what they were talking about, but the pubs were open later than usual so I’m not complaining.
Had a holiday myself with Shirley, her daughter and a three year old. Can’t wait to go camping in June to get over the trauma.


Just got back from camping holiday. Went to the Download festival but camped in a nice quiet site away from it all, as befits a man of my advancing age. We took a double camp bed with a double inflatamat on it and slept like teenagers. Now totally relaxed and ready for the really busy spell.
Sales of tents going really well across the entire range. We do have something for everyone so it’s not surprising. I chose a stunning range of furniture too, although I say so myself.


Loads of campers in the area now enjoying the typical British summer weather. Quite a few pole repairs to do for those that forgot they’d put away a broken pole last year and some needing a new tent rather urgently because they’ve forgotten to bring their poles at all! Doesn’t happen with an inflatable tent – but it is possible to go away without your pump – can’t believe my son-in-law did that last year and I’d gone with him to show him how to put the tent up. Headline in New Forest News “Owner of Camping Shop Scrounges Pump from Organised Camper”. Thankfully I wasn’t recognised.
Shame about the football.


Selling out of tents rapidly, and have been attending trade shows to see what’s new for next year. Is another camping season really almost over again already? Only another couple of weeks until I hibernate with the brochures and price lists, to bring my customers the very best choice of what’s going to be on offer in 2019.
Better start thinking about getting some waterproof, windproof, warm practical clothing in too, to give the staff something to do (and wear) through the winter.


Woke up freezing this morning. Remembered it was February………



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